Deliver sustainable high quality clinical education

BPCLEtool helps health organisations assess and improve their performance against best practice in clinical learning environments.

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Built for all health services delivering clinical education

BPCLEtool Detailed Assessment Stage

Reveal problem areas

BPCLEtool is an organisational self-assessment tool that assists health organisations implement the Best Practice Clinical Learning Environment (BPCLE) Framework.

BPCLEtool's self-assessment process reveals aspects of the clinical learning environment where problems exist or where further improvement is desired.

Create and monitor an action plan

BPCLEtool suggests items to include in your action plan based on the ratings provided in your self-assessment.

Use these as the foundation for developing a quality improvement action plan tailored for your organisation and then monitor your progress.

BPCLEtool Action Planning Stage

Export reports for further analysis

BPCLEtool includes comprehensive reporting functionality, allowing you to export data directly from the tool.

Share and discuss your results with other members of your team.

BPCLEtool's reports export panel
BPCLEtool comparison reports

Track your performance over time

BPCLEtool's easy to use reports allow you to compare one self-assessment to another, helping organisations who undertake several periodic assessments to view and analyse their progress.

Compare yourself to similar organisations*

Compare your self-assessment results to results from similar organisations throughout your state. All data is de-identified to maintain confidentiality.

*available where there is sufficient data.
BPCLEtool comparison reports
BPCLE Indicator Selection stage

Select indicators to monitor performance

Informed by the BPCLE Performance Monitoring Framework, BPCLEtool uses your self-assessment results to suggest indicators for your organisation to monitor.

"Extensively researched and incredibly practical, well worth undertaking if you want to improve the quality of your learning opportunities." Echuca Regional Health John Carey
Education Manager
Echuca Regional Health
"BPCLEtool provided a very beneficial process which united our efforts in becoming a learning organisation and improved our approach to the multi-disciplinary implications of teaching and learning" Peninsula Health Michelle Graffeo
Volunteer & Student Coordinator
Ballarat Community Health
"BPCLE is an intelligent framework to provide educationalists with the key tools to build quality capacity." Austin Health Tony McGillion
Manager, Clinical Nursing Education
Austin Health

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