The BPCLE Framework is the foundation for BPCLEtool

The six elements of the BPCLE Framework

In 2008, the Victorian Department of Health commissioned an investigation into best practice clinical learning environments.

The purpose of the project was to develop a best practice framework that could be used by education providers, health services, clinical educators and learners to inform policies, practices or behaviours that improve clinical training experiences for all concerned.

The resulting BPCLE Framework identifies six key elements that are the underpinnings of high quality clinical learning environments.


The BPCLE Framework is relevant to all health organisations delivering clinical education and is designed to deliver:

Improvements to the clinical learning environment = Better experiences for all learners and for staff involved in delivery of education and training
Efficiencies and improvements in clinical education activities and processes = Less wasted effort by staff
Better relationships between health services and their education provider partners = More support for health service staff and improved teaching programs that produce work-ready graduates
Enhancement of the organisational learning culture = Improved patient care and health outcomes
Organisational learning across and within health professions = Better relationships between disciplines and between staff
The BPCLE Framework QA Cycle

Implementing the BPCLE Framework with BPCLEtool

The implementation process for the BPCLE Framework fits into a typical plan-do-review quality improvement cycle.

BPCLEtool guides organisations through the self-assessment and action plan development tasks, assists organisations to track the implementation of their action plan, provides guidance on indicator selection and assists with indicator data collection and reporting.

Self Assessment

When working through the BPCLEtool self-assessment process, organisations rate themselves against the components of each framework element using an interactive map. Completing the maps:

  • Provides the organisation with a visual overview of their performance
  • Helps BPCLEtool suggest items to include in the quality improvement action plan
  • Identifies indicators that the organisation can monitor to track performance

By guiding organisations through a structured process, BPCLEtool assists clinical education providers to embed the principles and ideals of the BPCLE Framework in the day-to-day practice of managing, organising and delivering clinical education.

A more detailed description of how to implement the BPCLE Framework using BPCLEtool can be found by visiting the BPCLE Knowledge Base.

Framework Development

The BPCLE Framework was developed for the Victorian Department of Health by Darcy Associates, based on extensive research and stakeholder consultation, including:

Reviews of relevant existing literature

Stakeholder interviews, surveys and focus groups

In-depth hospital case studies

Piloted across a range of organisations, the BPCLE Framework now enjoys widespread support from both clinical education staff and education providers. A recent Health Workforce Australia (HWA) report concluded the BPCLE Framework is "the best available framework" and is amenable for use at the national level.

Additional resources (including the BPCLE Framework document itself) can be found by visiting the BPCLE Framework Resources Library.

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