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Insightful Self-Assessment

The BPCLEtool self-assessment process reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your management, organisation and delivery of clinical education. Self-assessment encompasses four stages: Preliminary Assessment, Detailed Assessment, Action Planning and Indicator Selection.

Preliminary Assessment

Step One

Preliminary Assessment

Provide a baseline 'gut feel' assessment of your organisation's performance against the objectives under each element of the BPCLE Framework.

Step Two

Detailed Assessment

Using program logic maps, rate your organisation's performance for the mechanics of delivering clinical education.

Areas that require your attention are highlighted in red and black.

Detailed Assessment
Action Planning

Step Three

Action Planning

Based on your responses in the previous steps, BPCLEtool suggests items for inclusion in your quality improvement action plan.

Tailor the suggestions to your organisation by adding specific tasks, setting due dates and priority, and assigning tasks to individuals, then track progress using drag-and-drop functionality.

Step Four

Indicator Selection

As with the Action Planning step, BPCLEtool generates a suggested list of indicators, based on the ratings provided in your preliminary and detailed assessment.

Tailor this list to select indicators that are a good fit for your organisation.

Indicator Selection

Analysis & Tracking


Comprehensive Reporting

View individual assessment results, compare your results over time or to similar organisations throughout your state*.

Export reports so you can share your results with other members of your team.

*where sufficient data is available

Indicator Monitoring

BPCLEtool includes comprehensive functionality for organisations to collect and store indicator data.

Use BPCLEtool's standardised input forms to streamline your data storage process, allowing you to compare results over time.

Indicator Monitoring

Help when you need it

Help features are embedded throughout the tool, including video tutorials, information in text and audio format, tool tips and downloadable resources.

No special software required

As an entirely web-based system, BPCLEtool requires no special software to run and can be accessed from any modern web browser (including Firefox, Google Chrome, IE9+).

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