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BPCLE Knowledge Base

Help and advice on understanding the BPCLE Framework and using BPCLEtool

BPCLE Framework Resources

Resource Kit

Throughout the development of the BPCLE Framework, stakeholders consistently identified high quality resources – specifically, documents and tools needed for the management, organisation and delivery of clinical education – as an essential requirement and enabler of a high quality clinical learning environment.

For this reason, one of the projects conducted as part of the BPCLE initiative involved the development of a BPCLE Framework Resource Kit. A review of the Resource Kit was conducted in 2016 and the revised Kit comprises a range of resources including survey questions and document templates or guides. The resources fall into two categories with respect to the BPCLE Framework:

  • Resources to assist health services with implementation of a best practice clinical learning environment, particularly with regards to managing and organising clinical placement activities. These resources were developed following a review of resources currently in use in Victoria and other jurisdictions.
  • Survey resources to assist health services with monitoring their performance.

The BPCLE Resource Kit is available electronically as a zip file.

Watch the video tutorial for a tour of the updated BPCLE Framework Resource Kit.

Assessing your in-house resources against the Kit resources

Most health services have developed some (if not all) of the resources needed for management, organisation and monitoring of clinical placement activities. Assessing your organisation’s existing resources against the resources of the Kit will assist you with identifying where your current resources could most profitably be improved or augmented to achieve the suite of resources your organisation needs.

Assessing your implementation resources

To assist you with determining whether your organisation has all the implementation resources it needs, use the clinical placement process flow diagram included in the Resource Kit Overview. This diagram identifies which of the Kit’s resources are recommended for each major category of activity within a “typical” clinical placement.

  • For those resources your health service does not currently have, decide whether each resource is relevant to the delivery of clinical education in your health service. If it is not relevant, no action is needed; if it is relevant, you can use the template or guide provided in the Kit to assist you in developing the new resource.
  • For those resources your health service does currently have, you can compare your in-house resource to the template or guide provided in the Resource Kit using the appropriate checklist in the Resource Assessment Tool. This is a simple checklist process that asks you to assess whether the various components in each Kit resource are present in your version of the resource. If a component does exist, you can indicate whether it requires amendment or revision based on a comparison with the Kit version of the resource. If a component is not present in your resource, you can indicate whether it is necessary and needs to be added, or not.

Watch the video tutorial for a demonstration of how to assess your in-house resources.

Assessing your monitoring resources

Following the 2016 upgrades to BPCLEtool indicator monitoring functionality, the only monitoring resources included in the Resource Kit are the survey templates. These templates provide the questions organisations need to include in their stakeholder surveys to address the various survey-based indicators.

Spreadsheets for the collection and collation of indicator data are no longer included in the Resource Kit. The new indicator monitoring functionality of BPCLEtool generates spreadsheets that are specific to each Indicator Master List and which can be downloaded, completed and then re-uploaded to BPCLEtool.

Organisations do not have to use these spreadsheets; they can use their own data collection tools and then manually enter data into the online data entry form for each indicator. However, because BPCLEtool now generates the resources that are needed for indicator monitoring, the Resource Assessment Tool no longer includes tools for comparing in-house data collection tools against the BPCLEtool indicator data entry system.

Resource Library

This section includes links to all the key resources relevant to the BPCLE initiative.

BPCLE Framework

Resource Name Description Download
FAQ: BPCLE Framework and BPCLEtool Answers to questions from stakeholders about implementing the BPCLE Framework and using BPCLEtool. Updated in August 2016. PDF
BPCLE Framework Most recent version of the framework (August 2016) PDF

BPCLE Performance Monitoring Framework

Resource Name Description Download
BPCLE Performance Monitoring Framework A practical guide for evaluating clinical education activities. Updated in August 2016. PDF
Indicator Specifications 2016 Detailed definitions for key aspects of each indicator, including information/data that should be collected for monitoring and reporting. This 2016 version has been updated based on the recommendations from the PMF Review and reflects the changes that were implemented in BPCLEtool indicator monitoring in Sept 2016. PDF

BPCLE Framework Resource Kit

Resource Name Description Download
BPCLE Framework Resource Kit (August 2016) A zip file including 20 resources to assist with the implementation and monitoring of the framework ZIP
Resource Kit Overview (August 2016) Also available in the Resource Kit, this document provides a summary of how the resources in the kit align with the BPCLE Framework (in the case of the implementation resources) or with the indicators in the PMF (in the case of the monitoring workbook).

For the implementation resources, a process flow diagram is also included, to show how the resources are expected to assist health services with the organisation, conduct and evaluation of clinical education activities
Resource Checklist (August 2016) This worksheet lists a number of implementation resource types that health services might have to facilitate the management, delivery or evaluation of clinical placements.

Use this worksheet as a checklist for whether the resource exists and, if so, whether your health services wishes to assess the existing resource against the templates/guidance provided in the BPCLE Resource Kit
Resource Assessment Tool (2014) This workbook contains spreadsheets to assist health services with assessing their existing in-house implementation resources against the templates and guidance provided in the BPCLE Resource Kit XLS

Stakeholder Guidelines

Resource Name Description Download
Stakeholder Guidelines Guidance for health services on the implementation of the BPCLE Framework. Updated in August 2016. PDF

Communication Resources

Resource Name Description Download
Fact Sheets and Briefing Documents A set of communication resources to assist with informing key stakeholder groups about implementation of the BPCLE Framework DOC

Miscellaneous Resources

Resource Name Description Download
BPCLEtool Nodes This workbook contains a list of all nodes included in the six Detailed Assessment maps used in BPCLEtool, including the node description and rating question. XLS
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