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BPCLE Knowledge Base

Help and advice on understanding the BPCLE Framework and using BPCLEtool

Using BPCLEtool

BPCLEtool is an online version of the implementation tools developed for the BPCLE Framework pilot project. At its core, BPCLEtool is an organisational self-assessment tool that allows health services to compare their own arrangements for organising, managing and delivering clinical education against the BPCLE Framework. The tool translates the self-assessment results into suggested items for inclusion in a quality improvement action plan, and provides recommendations regarding appropriate indicators for internal monitoring.

Who is the tool for and what is its purpose?

BPCLEtool has been developed for use by any health or social care service that is implementing the BPCLE Framework. The aim of implementing the framework is to embed its principles and ideals in the day-to-day practice of managing, organising and delivering clinical education; to successfully achieve this, health services need to take a deliberate step-by-step approach to implementation. Therefore, the main objective of BPCLEtool is to guide health services through a structured implementation process. In this way, the framework can be introduced in a consistent manner to all health services that contribute to the clinical placement system.

How does the tool fit into the implementation process?

Watch the tutorial for an overview of the implementation process for the BPCLE Framework.

The implementation process for the BPCLE Framework fits into a typical plan-do-review quality improvement cycle. BPCLEtool guides health services through all tasks in the plan stage (i.e. self-assessment and action plan development) assists health services to track progress on the implementation of their action plan (i.e. the do stage) and guides and assists health services during the review stage (i.e. indicator selection and indicator monitoring).

implementation process diagram

Additional information about implementing the BPCLE Framework and using BPCLEtool is available here.

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