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BPCLE Knowledge Base

Help and advice on understanding the BPCLE Framework and using BPCLEtool

The tool interface

The BPCLEtool website includes a toolbar, tabbed pages and side menus. You can access different features of the tool (in terms of resources and functionality) through each of these interfaces.

  • Black toolbar – this toolbar at the top of the website is accessible wherever you are within BPCLEtool. Through the toolbar, you can:

    • Edit your user account.
    • Access any email messages sent to you through the BPCLEtool message system and compose messages to other users.
    • Access the Manage Organisation, Manage Users and Manage Assessments pages (Organisation Administrators only)
    • Access the BPCLE Knowledge Base (via the Help button), which includes written information, as well as links to the video tutorials and resource documents.
    • Access Quick Links to the most commonly needed document resources.
    • Log out of BPCLEtool.
  • Tabbed pages – located just under the BPCLEtool banner, the tabs are also accessible wherever you are within BPCLEtool. The number of tabs you see will depend upon whether you have any completed assessments. All users will see a Home tab, a My Assessments tab and a View Reports tab. Users that have completed assessments will also see a Monitor Indicators tab.

  • Side menus – located on the left side of some pages within BPCLEtool, these menus provide access to additional layers of information or functionality.

Watch the video tutorial to take a brief guided tour of BPCLEtool.

Editing your user details

You can edit some of the details associated with your BPCLEtool user account. To do this, click on the My Account button located in the black toolbar at the top of the website. A dialogue box will appear, showing the user details currently held for you. You can edit your username, first name, last name, email address and password by clicking on the Edit link. You can either save or cancel the changes you make.

Note that you are not able to edit your organisation details or your user type (“Permissions”). If you need to change either of these details, you will need to contact the administrator that created your account in the first instance.

The BPCLEtool messaging system

BPCLEtool incorporates an internal email system that allows tool users to communicate with each other on BPCLEtool-related issues. Emails are automatically generated by the system when:

  • A new user is set up. The new user is informed their account has been created and is provided with information to enable them to login to the tool.
  • A new assessment is created and allocated to a user. The person to whom the assessment has been allocated receives an email informing them about the new assignment.

These emails are sent to the normal email account of the user.

All BPCLEtool users are also able to send emails to other users within their organisation. To send an email, click on the Messages button located in the black toolbar at the top of the website. Then click on the Compose New Message button to access the messaging system.

Note that these messages sent from within BPCLEtool are delivered only to the recipient’s message inbox within BPCLEtool.

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